I find I have to refer to this picture at least one a week:

In Primer, Aaron and Abe create a device to somehow counter the effects of gravity. Their main approach to achieve this is to discard the coolant bath for the required superconductors. 

They instead increase the transition temperature of the superconductor to "something more usable" by "knock[ing] out the interior magnetic field." The machine operates on the principles of the Meissner effect. The characters allude to this as they design the machine.

Aaron and Abe require palladium to build their machine. This is the reason they take the catalytic converter from a car (catalytic converters contain small amounts of palladium).

The principles of time travel in the film are inspired by Feynman diagrams. Carruth explained:  "Richard Feynman has some interesting ideas about time. When you look at Feynman diagrams which map the interaction of elementary particles, there's really no difference between watching an interaction happen forward and backward in time."

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