Boyndlie, Memsie 308

Boyndlie Estate entrance
Boyndlie is an area in Aberdeenshire.

Boyndlie is in North Aberdeenshire and lies a half mile west of Tyrie and 5½ miles west of Fraserburgh. Boyndlie comprises basically three areas, Upper Boyndlie, Boyndlie House and the farm of Nether Boyndlie.  This may also refer to the Mains of Boyndlie, on Boyndlie Estate.

It is included on this blog as I am about to start posting photos and information on my ancestors, one complete strain of whom were from there.  Tyrie is the nearest settlement of any sort to Boyndlie, and I remember the telephone exchange being Memsie.

In fact, my grandparents' telephone number was Memsie 308.

More on Boyndlie at my blog.

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