Public Domain Art from Wikimedia Commons

Images used by Leamington Books

for Crime Fiction Submissions 2021

This image is a Public Domain illustration used to promote the 1909 novel ELUSIVE ISABEL, which tells of  an international conspiracy of the "Latin" countries against the English-speaking world with the aim to take over world control.

The original file location is here.

PLOT SUMMARY: The eponymous heroine, Isabel Thorne, is a young woman, half British, half Italian, who works for the Italian Secret Service. She has been commissioned to bring about the signing of a secret contract, in the capital of the enemy, by representatives of all countries involved, both European and American. Her brother, an inventor, has devised a secret weapon by which missiles can be fired from submarines which will, it is hoped, secure military domination over the rest of the world.

Members of the U.S. Secret Service, who have been alerted, are assigned to prevent the signing of this "Latin compact" and bring to justice those involved who have no diplomatic immunity. One young representative named Grimm, however, although absolutely loyal to his government, falls in love with the beautiful foreign agent, Thorne.

In the end Thorne, who reciprocates her admirer's love, becomes estranged from her employer, the Italian government, because she does not want Grimm, who has been captured by the conspirators and knows all their secrets, to be murdered. Stripped of all her power and possessions, she unites with him at the end of the novel, no longer elusive.

Elusive Isabel.jpg

Our second image on this page shows some EXPLODED DOLLARS. 

Full details of this image:

Aftermath of a Bank of America robbery. The dye pack exploded and the stack of 20s were abandoned on the sidewalk  /  Bank of America 888 W 7th St,  Los Angeles, CA 90012  / Date: 2 January 2008, 13:31

The original image can be find at this public file location here.

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