Corrections for Scotland or No


Just put:
to Seán

I split each of what follows into three:
first line is the page number; then there is the instruction, beginning with the line location of the error; on the last line is how the correction should thus and newly be rendered ;)

7 lines from the bottom
Insert ‘his’
conducted his monstrous online battles.

Top line
remove ‘within me but something’
, but something about this term struck me as deadly

Very end of first paragraph
remove word ‘historic’ as the word is repeated from above.
one of Edinburgh’s most important artefacts.

Fourth line from the bottom of the first paragraph
‘mobilised’ is a repetition from above, so remove ‘mobilised and’
to which I belonged had begun to care more carefully

First bold quote 
remove full stop
yanking his chain isn’t funny

Second paragraph from the foot
italicise ‘The Scotsman’
The Scotsman

Final line
insert comma after ‘not’; remove ‘at least online’; insert comma after ‘been’
Dad was not, and had never been, real.

5 lines from the foot.
Replace ‘white haired dear’ with ‘woman’
The woman wiped her hands on her apron

Line 5
Replace ‘only a Skype call with Mum to look forward to’ with ‘nothing else to do,’
With nothing else to do, I was in no hurry

Line 12
Add a comma after the word ‘either’
beyond the potentialities of either, and although

10 lines from the foot
Add a comma and ‘but’ after ‘into my pocket’
hand into my pocket, but there was nothing there

9 lines down
Repunctuate ‘friend’s’ for more than one friend
I saw my new friends’ face glow

Top line
Insert a comma after ‘profiles’
insulting profiles, threats and fake accounts

8 lines down
Capitalise the ‘s’ in LIKEs
Facebook LIKES for this?’

7 lines from the bottom
Because ‘shook’ is repeated from above, replace it with ‘poured’
Barry finished the flask and poured the last few

Third paragraph from the foot
Correct ‘He did each day he’ error in sense by replacing ‘He did each day’ with ‘and’
He looked well and he passed the computers

Third line from foot
Capital P for ‘Scottish parliament’
on the Scottish Parliament website,

14 lines from foot
Replace ‘across’ with ‘along’
I glanced along the bar,

Two lines from foot
Change ‘an enemy’ to ‘a friend’
thought to be a friend of mine against me by

Top line
Add the name ‘Walfrid’
It was Dad himself writing about the blogger I had met, Walfrid.

Third line down
Add a comma after ‘bicycle’ and remove ‘slowly’
Iain looked at the second bicycle, suspiciously turning

Fourth line from the foot
Add a comma after ‘could’ and replace ‘and all’ with ‘onwards through’
as much evidence of our discovery as he could, having worked onwards through the night.

Fourth line down
Replace ‘doxes’ with ‘documents’
Iain had documents on at least 100

Line 12
Insert ‘so I can’ between ‘patterns’ and ‘see’
Trying to find patterns so I can see who is

Line 7
Insert ‘Fake’ before ‘Maps’ at start of sentence
Fake maps with fake shops with fake websites.

Bold insert
Change second ‘yous’ to ‘yous you’
get it up you yous fat indy

Line 19
Because of repetition of ‘boy’ change second ‘boy’ to ‘lad’
Anyway lad, you were Scottish the last time I saw you

6 lines from the foot
Because of a repetition of ‘looking’ as ‘look’ in previous line change ‘looking through’ to ‘searching’
It looked like they had been searching the lists

6 lines from foot
Change ‘named’ to ‘some at’
fake voters included some at addresses from

First line
Insert ‘I’ between ‘and’ and ‘browsed’
it disappeared and I browsed the logs

Remove 5th para of the bold insert, ie the two bold lines ‘#Yes voters Sandy Steward’ to ‘back to you Sandy’

125. to 126.
Suggest remove all the bold inserts between ‘I glanced at the scrap that was left.' on page 125 to ‘These were printouts from Dad’s work.’
i.e. remove from ‘It was years ago that’ on p.125. to ‘against the left and right’ on p.126.
This long insert  adds nothing, possibly even confuses things more, and we already have explanations.  This is such a big remove (24 lines) it will affect the typesetting of the rest of the book, I am afraid.

‘I thought that,’ he said. ‘It’s odd that they took that too.’
I glanced at the scrap that was left.
These were printouts from Dad’s work.
‘Can you think of anyone who would have known about…

Line 14
Add a comma between ‘from’ and ‘and’
Blackness and where the votes came from, and ended up staying in his guest house.’

Line 18
Change ‘But’ to ‘And’
And while we were fighting

First line
Change ‘that’s’ to ‘it’s’
‘He says it’s the file location

Nine lines from foot
Replace ‘still’ with ‘yet’
job satisfaction was still a possibility, it yet appeared

Three lines form foot
Replace ‘Since then’ with ‘What’s more’ and remove ‘however’
What’s more I felt that I had

Line 12
Replace the first comma with a full stop and start a new sentence.
There was absolutely no reason why it would not work.  That cold day, that late winter moment

Final two lines
Remove ‘and’ after ‘returned’ and include a full stop.  Replace ‘starting’ with ‘We’d start’
we’d be changing that as soon as my friends returned. We’d start up a second

Final line
Replace final full stop with a semi-colon.  Add ‘perfect for our island nations . . . ‘
We’d be changing that as soon as my friends returned.
one conducted through the earth; perfect for our island nations  . . .

Thanks,  one should strive to get this right before sending you corrections with less than one month before publication, but I really appreciate it and the book looks great, Peter

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