Book Launch of Scotland or No, from Thirsty Books

Publishing Is In Crisis! The rising cost of book distribution and publicity has ensured the hegemony of the dominant industrial vision in a marketplace devoted entirely to the middle classes, and the super-conglomertaion of existing production, distribution and critical reception has totally assured the primacy of the readily marketable, pre-sold book, as opposed to the more individualistic vision which many writers offer. What is to be done?


This is the launch of SCOTLAND OR NO by Peter Burnett and I notice from the invitation that the event promises to be two hours long, but I can't see that materialising.

Certainly, Peter won't be reading from his novel or indeed answering questions for two hours - - - that would be unbearable.

Instead, expect a variation on the usual theme of 'the author reading', which will last about ten minutes, followed by Q&A, which will probably be Peter asking the audience questions - - - much more sensible when you consider that the audience will probably know more than him about books and politics, anyway.

This will be served with wine, of course! And apparently there will be 'nibbles' (informal usage: small savoury snacks, typically eaten before a meal or with drinks, eg: 'cheesy nibbles').

Are these so-called 'nibbles' a good idea in a book shop?

Certainly I wouldn't let you handle any of my vintage sci-fi or prized Black Sparrow Press books if you were in any way 'nibbling' at the same time. No chance.

But I digress. Waterstones do not mind you nibbling, so you are very welcome, and there will be a short recitation, and an opportuntiy to drink and chat, you know the score.

As for the book itself, SCOTLAND OR NO - - - it is a work incomplete, and in some of its parts prostituted to the service of a dogmatic message concerning Scottish Independence. Doubtless the book will be rendered complete 14 days after this event, when the objective validity of the vote itself will manifest, on the 18th of September.

True (we may agree with Balzac) the absolute and its promise of truth recedes - - - we never grasp it, but in travelling there is always joy. However, does this make Peter no better than a staphylococcus, because his ideas still crowd in chains? Peter does not think so, and will defend his corner.

The book will interest all those keen to explore the pointlessness of social media, young people's approach to politics, the determination of the establishment to hold on to its power and the rising 'blog-wars' currently lighting up our internet.

Peter Burnett had this to say:

"I believe I come from elsewhere, let's say, space. I have a need to go to Earth. There's something of mine there. There's an image I have to uncover, and my books allow me to do this. Books are like clouds that sit over reality; if I write books well, I can uncover what is beneath, my friends, my allies, what I am, where I come from. Others can't do it. It's too heavy for them. But it's not too heavy for me, because I come from elsewhere. There you are. I've said everything."

There is more about SCOTLAND OR NO

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