The Example of the EWWC 2012 Edinburgh World Writers Conference

One has to be able to get up and walk away from every discussion that is a waste of time, to leave behind the boundlessly stupid heads and to walk out and into the open air and leave everything connected with these worthless self-aggrandising discussions behind, one must have the strength and the courage and the relentlessness even towards oneself, to leave all these ridiculous, dim-witted people behind and breathe free, breathe out what's been left behind and breathe in something new, one must abandon these useless social agglomerations, banded together for their inevitable dim-witted purposes, and see that everything that is rotten in the novel, for example, and in publishing is self-evident in these conversations, and is evident in every one of these awful people, one must break away so as not to become one of these unfailingly awful and self-promoting people, one must break away to get back to oneself, and find peace and light in oneself, one must have the courage to break away from such company, one must break off every one of these unspeakably stupid conversations, break away and walk away from these promotional fiascos from which nobody benefits, at the right moment we must get up and leave such gatherings, and such a rising up and going away must be a daily occurence, and always we leave behind a society that repels us, because these stupid conversations serve no purpose, all they do is weaken us.

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